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Elmer and Elsie Robotics is a homeschool robotics team located in the Frisco, Texas area. We are student led and mentor guided. Our team competes in the First Tech Challenge Robotics Program which is an out of school program for students to learn about the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the hands-on learning of designing, programming and building of a robot for FTC competitions. 

Elmer and Elsie Robotics was originally founded in 2014 by Tyler, a homeschool student who had moved to Texas and was unable to find a local team that had any openings.  Our team has proudly excelled during the past 5 years earning multiple awards, advancing to the FTC North Texas Regionals each year and recently won First Place Alliance at the this year’s regionals allowing us to advance to the FTC Worlds Championship in Houston, Tx in April 2019.  We are having a blast!


In 1948, neurophysiologist Sir William Grey Walter began the construction of two mobile robots. He wanted to demonstrate the brilliance of the human mind by creating a machine that could run without one on its own. When a robot accomplishes this feat, we call it an autonomous robot. In Walter’s time, autonomous robots seemed to be impossible to make, but that did not stop him from continuing his groundbreaking project. These robots, named Elmer and Elsie, were completed in 1949, becoming the first autonomous robots ever!
Elmer and Elsie could both accomplish a number of pre-programmed tasks. With light-sensitive and touch-sensitive systems, the bots could go virtually anywhere that they wanted. Mimicking the same functions of the human brain, Elmer and Elsie seemed to have minds of their own. If you placed an obstacle in their way, they would move right around it! Even when they would run on low battery, they knew to go back to their charging station. Without a doubt, Elmer and Elsie were very unique robots.

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